Dirt City¦Dream City

20 July–31 August, 2012, commissioned by the Edmonton Arts Council

“In Performance” video documentation by Sydney Lancaster.

For this transitory public art project involving 15 artists, I made a durational performance during the initial run (20–30 July) of daily four-hour performances of similar materials to the fantasies series. In white and black I was almost an avatar of gentrification in this neighbourhood slated for redevelopment, playing slightly shit pseudo-intellectual music—but also had some chances to be more sensitive, with a variety of interactions with viewers. Performances moved each day, but were generally placed a distance from the street, in the wide open spaces, empty lots, and dusty flats that characterize the neighbourhood, and to a degree the city of Edmonton.

Advertisement for Performance
Advertisement for Performance, billboard ad, 10 by 20 feet, 2012.